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Go away and Surprise

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1 Go away and Surprise on Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:26 pm


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I had to go away for the weekend.  Lockdown was on Friday.  So the eggs went into the lockdown bator, I had a 1/2 day to make sure the temperature hadn't changed much and I had the next batch of eggs in there warming, as I've learned it's bad to put cold eggs into an already 1/2 full bator.  I left strict instructions that under no circumstances was the lockdown bator to be opened.  And I think they listened.  This was the first hatch using the new (to me) round bator metal beast, I forget the name and will edit later with it.  I had read to turn the lid 1/4 turn every day, have used egg cartons as my turning rack, and only had one minor hic-up with temperature, and did a dry hatch. And then I moved them to a home-made bator for lockdown.

I got home Sunday around dinner time, and found a bator full of 18 little fuzz butts - the only 3 eggs remaining are marans eggs with dark shells, those shells were so dark I couldn't see a thing so they may or may not have been viable..but they will stay for atleast another day before I crack them.  18 fuzz butts.  There are atleast 5 marans with the FUZZIEST legs, they almost look cochin - they are a Wheaten Roo over blue or splash Black copper hen (I didn't have a black copper roo, but wanted more dark egg layers and marans are tasty to eat no matter what colour), 2 BLR wyandottes, some wyandotte/wellie crosses, and barnevelders.  And of the 7 barnevelders, there are 6 boys. GACK.  1 girl, 6 boys.  So i think with my 4 hatches, my barnevelder tally is at around 9-10 girl barnevelders and about 30+ boys.  Sure would have been nice to have it the other way around, I guess I will have lots of boys to choose from!  My first hatch had many girls.  The last 3 hatches one girl per hatch and predominately boys.  It will be interesting to see what the other breeds produce for boy girl ratios.  I want egg layers, so I hope more girls.  

But these are by far the cutest chicks, those little marans x marans are darling.  And there's a couple of different colored ones I haven't seen before.  So cute.


2 Re: Go away and Surprise on Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:20 am


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Nice surprise for sure!


3 Re: Go away and Surprise on Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:28 am

Blue Hill Farm

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Yay! That is the best kind of surprise for sure. Smile  But where's the pics?! lol I'm not allowing myself anymore birds chicks this year and need to live vicariously though you all....Razz

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