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Looking for blue egg laying coturnixs

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1 Looking for blue egg laying coturnixs on Sat Aug 08, 2015 5:01 pm


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About two weeks ago when doing my evening chores I accidentally left the cage door open on the pen with my 6 blue egg laying Coturnixs hens in it. When I went out the next morning between my 2 cats and dog they were all gone. I was going to wait to see if any of my young might lay blue eggs but that could take a couple of generations. I have sold a lot of quail and eggs in the last two years so I thought I would try this.

I am willing to trade a pair of young Jumbo James Marie Pharoah Coturnixs or a pair of young Texas A&M jumbo whites for any hen laying a clear bluish egg. If you have two hens I will trade a quad, 1 male and three hens for them. They will be three-to 4 week old so you know you are getting young birds. I am looking for the clear bluish egg, not one with spots.

If you are to far away to trade birds I will be willing to trade Jumbo eggs for them at a two to one trade.

If interested email me at perryaschofield@gmail.com or phone 780-832-2047.


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