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Jacob Sheep - Unique Primitive Breed

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1 Jacob Sheep - Unique Primitive Breed on Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:55 am


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2 Re: Jacob Sheep - Unique Primitive Breed on Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:43 am


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Oh darn, why can't it be winter, smiling. I need time, time to fully read and digest what I am seeing and imagining. So.....you say the sheep smell different. Gads, if only I could come and smell the sheep, smiling again. What do they smell like, a form of a sheep. I have only been close to a sheep a few times. I should go to our friend's house and smell her sheep. She could probably hold one close for me. I have smelled the sheared fuzz that she gave me to give to my family for making stuff out of, that smelled awesome!! And I loved the feel of putting my hands into the wool in the bags, it had such an oily cool smell. I picked up those fleeces and put them into bags for her. My hands felt oh so neat, I loved it. Gack, now I wish I had a sheep. A Jacob sheep. The size of the fleece after you sheared Tara were incredible and all in one piece. Wow, such talent, such care to not harm and get it all off like that, man oh man oh man. Maybe one day I will have a Jacob sheep or two, one fine day, when we have our own little property again. I could dig that. But I think it would hsave to be Jacob, I am reading nice things about them, from waht you have said, but need to read so much more, for that day, that fine day, maybe years down the road, but that fine day. I loved this story as much as I have loved the stories told about the black swans. Ol' Man Winter will be here in a couple of months, and there will be so many things to read and ponder and love to learn. Have a beautiful day, CynthiaM.

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