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Tunis Sheep

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1 Tunis Sheep on Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:00 am


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To the people who asked - we really like these guys. The lambs are red when they're born. The head and legs stay red but the wool is an off white color. They're really nice to handle especially if you've had them in the barn at all. The wool is nice to work with and the meat is excellent. They (whoever they are) claim that the Jacob and the Tunis are the two best eating sheep and I've had both at one time or another and agree. I liked the Jacobs too but so did a cougar. This was quite a number of years ago but the cat put me out of business in a hurry.

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Tease...where are the pictures? I am a visual learner, dammit!

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me too, I love photographs and although I am not ready to expand beyond the gateway that is chickens ( Embarassed ) I do like the idea of soft wool and good meat producing sheep because I love eating meat and also, spin.  might like to have a couple of sheep one day. do you sell them? I am partial to soft wool, how does it compare to merino?  thanks  Smile

shame about the cougar, that would be a huge sorrow.

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Schipperkesue wrote:Tease...where are the pictures?  I am a visual learner, dammit!

Yeah me too... Wink 

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