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Goats for sale - Lacombe County

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1Goats for sale - Lacombe County Empty Goats for sale - Lacombe County on Wed May 01, 2013 9:15 pm


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We have a few too many goats...time to let some go!

Jasmine is a pure Myotonic "Fainting" Goat we bought last year from Ty's Exotics. She was bred to a Nigerian Dwarf buck, so twins are half Nigerian. They were born during the April 13th snow storm, so their names are Blizzard and Stormy. Laughing One doeling and one buckling we left intact, so the new owner will have the option of selling him as a buck.
Jasmine is a good, attentive mom, but towards evening the kids seem to need a bit extra. So we are supplementing with a bottle each night for each of the kids to top them up and help them feel full through the night. I'll include the powdered milk replacer for them. Being bottle fed, the babies are super friendly to the point where we have to fasten the gate quick to keep them from following us out of the pen!
Jasmine is also gentle and easy to handle.

The Mom and babies are ready to go anytime...$500.00 for the three.

Goats for sale - Lacombe County 2013twins

Goats for sale - Lacombe County 2013twins2

We also have 2 additional bucklings for sale - half Pygmy, half Nigerian. In the picture below they are the caramel colored one and white one with the brown patch on his tail. $125.00 each. They were born April 5th, so won't be ready to leave until early July.

Goats for sale - Lacombe County 2013kids


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