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Strange Pig Behavior

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1 Strange Pig Behavior on Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:29 pm


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Since the surprise litter of babies, the boar has been acting strange. He is "kneading" the ground like a cat, jaw chomping and foaming a bit at the mouth when we are around, and is a little pushier than normal. I have moved the mom out of his pen, and also moved the other gilt just prior to her having babies. He was good with the unexpected babies, but was also trying to mount the mom. Is this behavior just from the hormones flying in the air from the birth and impending birth? Or am I missing something?

I'm beginning to wonder if he REALLY likes us gals when we go to visit and work around the pigs. The pigs with babies have been moved now for some time, and he's not really interested in the babies in the pasture unless we are there. Today a friend (also female) and I were over on the next pasture putting up the new chicken area, and Wilburt seemed, um, quite "excited" by our presence....it was rather disturbing. I think he might have a crush??? He's never mean, sometimes rude, and for the past few weeks frothing at the mouth (only when people are around, and around her the people are almost always ladies), and he makes a pawing action like a cat "knitting".  

He's always gentle, even when rude.  When I was installing the electric fencing in his area, he kept "goosing" me and not my hubby.  He has never used his tusks or tried to bite or anything mean. 

Anyone have any thoughts - I really don't like seeing the boar on the other side of the fence doing, um, disturbing, um, things...????


2 Re: Strange Pig Behavior on Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:24 am


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That sounds strange indeed. I don't have any info on how to deal with a boar crush, sorry. I did get to experience a sow crush. She was a Berkshire and about 450lbs on the hoof and fell madly in love with my hubby. Not cool! Its not how you think though. I would tease him about having a mistress and hey would look ever so annoyed at me and say "so you think your funny".

Every time we were out there she would separate us. She would fawn and dote on him. Rubbing and giving little monkey grunts to him. There were days when he wasn't able to get out and see her and she would throw a temper tantrum and wreck everything in her path. Till he came out and had to fix what she broke.  Weird and if I got to close she would charge at me, bark at me, try to bite me you name it. I never let her get the best of me. Until I got nailed by her. Her 1 baby that we aptly named Trouble was forever getting out of the pen then freaking out when she couldn't figure out how to get back in. Which wasn't really that hard if she would have just done her escape in reverse. Anyways she wasn't making it and I ended up having to grab her. She squealed in terror and BOOM just as I let her go I got nailed right in mid thigh with momma's snout. Holy mother of all that is indeed painful. She was probably really close to breaking my leg but it was at that point that I told hubby she's sealed her fate.

It was sad because she did come around and was starting to work well with me. Hubby says to tell everyone that when we went to the butcher shop she was just like a dog. He opened up the trailer and she stepped out and he stood there and talked softly to her. Asking her gently to come along with him and she did. So calmly and just waddling along. The shop called him the Pig Whisperer.

I hope that someone can help you figure out his behavior. Best of luck islandgal99

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