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Compost pile, November of 2013

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1 Compost pile, November of 2013 on Mon Nov 11, 2013 7:37 am


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Time to begin to work the compost pile a bit.  It is complete, there should be no more addition until spring.  At that time, the second cleaning of the chicken coops will be added.  This stored garden debris will already have been composting all winter, and be nice.  With the addition of the cleaning of coops at the end of upcoming March, the entire compost pile will be moved into appropriate places in the gardens.  The beginning of this pile had begun when the first garden refuse was added, after each crop harvested, and has been added to many, many times.  There is a whole lot of green stuff in that pile, and then the Rubbermaid wheelbarrow loads of maple leaves dumped in the forefront of the green stuff and the chicken coop compost in the very front.  This is a perfect place for composting.  Lots of moisture comes from the sky, the fence in the back allows to keep the stuff from going everywhere.  The rototiller and pitch fork moving stuff around and mixing in.  This is what makes the gardens grow here.  Gardens that I have never seen grow so beautiful and luscious in my lifetime.  I think it is the hot days and nights that don’t cool down the soil too much in summer.  Sure makes for good growing.

Not too much to really say, except for how much I love garden composting and as winter comes, the pile will shrink and shrink.  Look at that orange pot.  That is filled with garlic chives.  This is a clump that I dug up from my Sister’s garden, back in the Lower Mainland about a month ago.  I have to heel that garlic chive clump into the ground, before the heavy freeze comes, I still have time before that, just haven’t bothered.  It is happy for now, growing in some wonderful medium.  

The chickens help to move around the compost pile too.  They know where good things are, and they have powerful legs.  They sure do love it though when I have pitchfork in hand and turn over the debris, good stuff in there.  

Today looks like the sun might shine, so this is a good opportunity to head out with my big pitchfork and begin the beginnings of turning, there will be chickens in tow, I know that, and with my camera in back pocket, should have some neat pictures coming in the next few days of some very happy birds, and a happy human being.  Enjoy.  And have a most wonderful day, CynthiaM.

The depth of the composting areas does not look that deep, but trust me it is

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Just a different angle.  The green stuff growing on its own is horseradish.   Still need to get a good way to make this stuff hot, no matter what I do, after grinding it is still not hot, and I like it HOT!!!  Anyone ideas on how to make it hot?

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2 Re: Compost pile, November of 2013 on Mon Nov 11, 2013 7:54 am


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not hot horseradish?  how can that be? very strange indeed...has it been growing a long time?
nice to compost..I dont do it..all my greens go to critters or out in the corral and then for garden additions I just add manure and sand from the corral.   usually do a large scoop on top in fall and then come spring I shovel it around and rototill it in the garden.  last year it didn't soften and break down like it usually does.had to soak it so I could break it up.  dont think I need any more additions this year.
I can just imagine how your chickens would enjoy your excavating and be s happy to help you!


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