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Prairie Ornamental Auction

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1Prairie Ornamental Auction Empty Prairie Ornamental Auction on Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:20 pm


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It appears that our auction has created considerable controversy about the poultry and gamebird industry. I am one who has always thought of this as a hobby and not as something to see how much money you can make at it. The auction has always been a place to dispose of some of your extra stock that you did not want to winter. I want to comment on the views of Barry K. and Johnny for their views on the recent auction. The birds that these two brought to the auction were of very good quality and that is what we have tried to achieve on our sales. If it is how much you can get for a bird, I suggest you sell them at home. Many thanks to all the sellers and buyers at last Sundays sale. We appreciate your patronage and wish you the best in your hobby.Many of the contributors birds were talked about as to the quality at this auction.

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Very well said
Thank you for posting
I did not go to the sale but from what I heard it was a great one

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