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what to do with them...after their bath.......

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o.k where do you guys put your birds after they have had their bath/ they are blow dried...i am contiplating putting them in our small runs for dogs in the kennel, 3x6 ft could i double them up or will they get messy pooping on each other???
or do you keep them in dog crate for the few days bythemselves prior to show???
what did you do if you have 40 plus birds to show??? LOl i am only entered 5 of them so its no big deal i am just wondering where to keep them..and in what....


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Definately somewhere warm. We are housing ours in our heated shop. It is set at +4 but I am trying to convince hubby to boost it up a bit. I might just put them in my box brooders with a heat lamp until they are completely dry and happy. I have done one hen so far.
I think a 3X6 kennel is plenty of space for 2 birds and they shouldnt get themselves poopy, just put fresh shavings in as needed. Just make sure the 2 birds get along or they could injure each other.

I am using x-pens right now, 4X4, and I have 3 cochins in each, and 3 silkies. Gives them all room to move around and be happy.

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When you enter way too many birds like me you clean the coops very well and put tons of shavings in each pen. Make sure everyone has lots of room and they should stay clean until the show.

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