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Looking for eggs - Columbian Wyandottes & Silver Pencilled Wyandottes

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I am looking for Columbian Wyandottes eggs to use in a breeding project I am doing to make Black Wyandottes. Columbian Wyandottes are very rare and hard to find in Canada. I would love to get eggs from a show line, but at this point I am willing to take eggs from even hatchery birds. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

I am also looking for eggs from Silver Pencilled Wyandottes. Show line preferred for them.

I can pay for eggs or if you are interested, trade for something I have. On a trade I will ship to you first so you can use my shipping box and foam to send your eggs back to me. You would only pay shipping cost back to me. If you do have show line Columbian Wyandottes I am willing to pay shipping both ways.



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