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Fertile White Wyandotte and Ameracana eggs for sale - Feb 21

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I am on my way down to Calgary on Feb 21st to visit family and several friends.  I have 18  White Wyandotte eggs from big George , my show roo for sale. $40 for the eggs. The following two pictures are of him in with my Buff Wyandotte hens last summer.  I crossed him out to them to help increase the size and quality of the buffs .  At 18 months big George weighs 14 lbs. (weighed last week on bathroom scales in my arms - and NO, I am not saying how much I weighed).  The eggs are from him and his three white hens.  One pullet from Ontario and two pullets from Bryan Shelton from Manitoba. No pictures of them.  The buff hens are average sized hens.

Just shows how big George is.

I also have 18 Americana eggs from birds I hatched from Dan Smith's eggs. The eggs are light to medium blue/green.  I keep 2 Blue hens and 2 Black hens with an all Black roo. Of the 30 I have hatched the last month - 27 are Black and three are Blue. $30 for the 18 eggs.  I will be travelling down Highway 43, and take the Devon Bypass and then down pass the airport to Calgary on Friday, February 21st.  I can meet people along the route.


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