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Dwarf Cochin

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26 Re: Dwarf Cochin on Sat Aug 02, 2014 11:36 pm

lady leghorn

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Addicted Member
Thought I would update everyone on "Violet" the dwarf pullet. She has layed eggs, she even went broody. But she didn't hatch anything because

the rooster was too young. I had 2 silkies setting on their eggs and nothing there either. I expect much better things from him in the spring. He

was a bit intimidated by her too. So that probably didn't help. She really hasn't grown hardly at all. I wish I could post pictures, but not computer

literate enough for that. But she looks very similar to KATHY'S pictures. She very tame. So the saga goes on. She's alive and well, and has

layed eggs.  cheers 

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