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Saskatchewan - Bred Boer Doe

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1Saskatchewan - Bred Boer Doe Empty Saskatchewan - Bred Boer Doe on Thu Nov 21, 2013 6:39 am


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I have a should-be-bred light coloured Boer doe for sale.

I purchased her a few months ago as a bred doe, which I found out shortly thereafter wasn't the case. I have witnessed her being bred by both my Saanen buck and the Spanish/cashmere X buck. She'd be about 8 weeks along so will be an early kidder. I believe she's pure Boer, but I haven't been around long enough to be 100% certain and can only go by what I was told when I bought her.

Since the untimely death of my herd queen, Estelle, Agnes (the one for sale) has become aggressive toward the kid goats I have and I will not keep a goat that's as aggressive as she is, but I cannot bear to put her in the freezer while there's a significant chance she's pregnant. If someone else is fine with doing that, then $250 for the meat doesn't seem like that bad of a deal, and keeping her until she kids could work to the advantage of someone who has space to keep her separated or an obstinate herd queen to put her in her place.

Agnes is fine with people, interested but not overly and will come for oats. She's very large, almost as tall as my Ober and definitely meatier. She looks to have a good bag on her and is between 2-3 years old at my best guess from looking at her teeth.

Saskatchewan - Bred Boer Doe Pbucket

Saskatchewan - Bred Boer Doe Pbucket

If you have questions, please PM or email me. I'm happy to answer.


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