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Early early hatching eggs

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1 Early early hatching eggs on Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:16 am


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I understand the risk I take with cold or shipped-in-cold eggs and early fertility, but I am looking for eggs for the following breeds as early as I can get them after January 15th. I am NOT looking for top notch quality birds, just some with consitancies. Flaws in the flock are fine, I'd just like to know what they are so I know what I'm up against.

Dark Cornish (Healthy meat birds, not looking for show quality)
Blue, white and black Ameraucanas (NOT EEs)
Black, Blue, White, Blue-Copper and/or Black Copper Maran

White and Partridge Chantecler

Please PM me on this matter with what you'd want for early shipped, probably dodgy fertility eggs, location, what breeds you have to offer and potential shipping cost.



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