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A Brief Moment

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1 A Brief Moment on Sat Nov 02, 2013 5:52 pm



A Brief Moment
As the bullet enters,
not yet followed by the sound
that it entails,

there is a moment
brief, and crucial,
where a question lies.

and in that moment
the bullet thinks,
but before it can whisper

the gun barrel speaks
That brief moment when
the storm is silenced,
the waves calm,
the clock keeps a steady beat.

That brief moment is enough
to send shivers down your spine,
to make you thankful for what you have,
to set that smile back on your lips.

That brief moment filled
with calmness,
with serenity,
with love.

Little did they know that
when the world is in balance,
when hatred takes the day off,
peace lies beneath.

Every day of our lives
is a gift from above,
should not be taken for granted,
should not be filled with anger.

For peace to rule we must
drop the shield,
remove the mask,
pull the curtain.

That brief moment
can be the trigger
that reverses this curse
and grasps the reign of peace
For a brief moment

For a brief moment in time
I touched life here
Saw the beauty of it all
And did not feel alone

I saw life
A world I am grateful to have known
The oceans, the deserts
Mountains, plains

I held the hands of children
Felt the kiss of lovers
Learned that the world
Was larger than me

For a brief moment
I rode upon this planet
As it circled around the sun
And I knew life

Would that I could leave it
as I knew it
So that others could find
the wonders here I have

When I am gone, Returned to the dust
My hope is that
The many others here can enjoy it
As I have

Good and bad
It has been a ride
of wonders
And beauty

For a brief moment
I stood upon this planet
Called it home
And saw a beauty words cannot describe

Someday, I hope you too will feel
A brief moment
Free from your pain, and know that you
Are loved

A brief moment
That is all we are here for
Let's come together
And enjoy it side by side

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