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Ossabaws Island Hogs possibly available - NOT Thelma and Louise (or Wilburt)

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This post is not for Thelma and Louise!!! (or Wilburt!), those ones are mine.

These one or two girls are from the small farm where Wilburt came from. They were originally destined for sausages by the original owner, but were saved by this lady who had found me and wanted to breed the girls to Wilburt. They were supposed to be bred on sale (to Wilburt), but were not. Unfortunately, every time they come into season, they are breaking out of their pen, and the new owner has had one of her neighbors threaten to shoot them if they show up at his place again. So she contacted me asking if I would take them....and I still might. But I thought I'd see if there is anyone else out there interested in Ossabaws. The person who originally owned them has kept some of the babies to replace these girls.

If you don't live nearby, I may be able to bring them back and breed them to Wilburt, and then help to deliver them to your place after bred. But there is a chance they are past their prime and may not be bred, they were supposed to be bred already and weren't - BUT they also just had babies weaned off them and it would have been their first cycles. And I may be willing just to keep these two girls, breed them here but don't want to breed more (I have two already bred, I think...one for sure) unless I have a few breeding homes for babies, I can see eating the boys, but it would be a shame processing any girls as these pigs are so rare. These two are not related to Wilburt, and I'm waiting to find out if they are related to Thelma and Louise. The original owner is out of town till into October, and I suspect he would just send them for sausages if he does take them back. I know he doesn't have a boy, cause I have him now, he wanted a boy from my two girls.

My three I have here are absolute sweethearts, super friendly, and not huge pigs but not small either. And although Thelma and Louise didn't dig before Wilburt showed up (though Just Ducky tells me they did at her place) all three are definitely digging now. They come running when they hear my vehicle drive up. They love treats and apples and are gentle. My own girls are about 150-170lbs full grown, Wilburt is probably 270-300.

I'm trying to find out how old they are, and get some pics of them. Thought I'd throw it out there, see if there was interest either in these girls or in ossabaw babies.


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