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if anybody could help it would be appreciated

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1if anybody could help it would be appreciated Empty if anybody could help it would be appreciated on Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:50 pm


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This came from a freind

We need some help here. We have inherited a number of cats and kittens due to their owner (my brother- in-law) passing away. We have been looking after them full time since mid-June (I guess you could say we've been fostering them) and have managed to gain their trust enough to nab a couple of them and have them neutered. We are working on another few for spaying in the near future. We really need to find some place for them to go (we have no room at our place as we have our own menagerie) and would particularly like to find homes for the kittens. Their residence will eventually have to be sold. We have contacted a couple of rescues. One has replied that they are full but they did offer suggestions of other rescues and the second rescue didn't even bother to respond. Come on people -- if you are full up (as I am sure you are) at least say so. At any rate any suggestions would be appreciated. Please feel free to share. The more people who read this, the more likely we are to hear something positive. Most of these cats came to be here as drop offs along the highway who wandered in and were offered food and shelter. We would hate to let them down now.

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