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The moment everyone has been waiting For .... the count is IN!!!!

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Sorry everyone.  I was much later getting home then planned.  I had to do 4 counts as the first came out different.  The first time I counted it was 99, the next time was 98.  I recounted 2 more times.  The final count was 99 three times, 98 once.  The winner is  (drum roll..........................)  Schipperkesue, who guessed the closest with 96. No one deserves Buttons more then you Sue.

I was very pleased with this hatch.  It was the largest Button hatched I have ever had at one time.  My rack hold 124 eggs in my Brinase 360.  I candled at 11 days because even in the dark egg you can generally see the air sack is well formed by then.  I tossed out exactely 24 eggs. I did not open the incubator again until yesterday when i sneaked a picture of the earlier hatchers. The humidity was set at 45% for the first 12 days , then I upped it to 55% for the last 5 days.

I set 124 eggs. 100/124 were fertile = 81% which is about what I usually have at the farm.  seems to generally be between 75-84%/  It was a fantastic 99/100 on the fertile eggs.  Never has done this with Buttons before.

I took a 1 minute video of the little guys but could not get it to upload tonight will try again tomorrow.  Along with the buttons I had 17 out of 25 Blue Coturnix eggs hatch on another rack.

Congratulation Sue.  I will be in touch with you shortly to arrange shipment within the next three weeks.  There are three of you winners.  I get about 80-90 eggs a week but I need to sell at least one order a week to cover the shipping to the winners. You may prefer the five adults which I can drop off to you .  Thank you to everyone who played along.  I really enjoyed your comments.   Will maybe someday do it with my Coturnixs.

Hope to get the Video up tomorrow.



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Sue, you lucky girl!!


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