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New Chicks!

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1 New Chicks! on Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:48 pm


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I had a broody GLW sitting on a dozen eggs. She broke one a few days after receiving her eggs and hen accidently got locked away from her eggs while she was on a walk about at about a week. I felt sure the eggs were dead as they felt cold when I let her back in. At about a week and a half after lamenting over my error, I was debating whether to toss the whole bunch and start over, I decided to let her follow thru. On July 1/2 she hatched out 9 baby chicks. One either died or got squished but today I still have 8 little chirpee babies.There's a couple of Australorp's, a couple of BCM's and some Ameracauna. Thrilled with the results!!

I have 2 GLW who have each hatched eggs this year, but my SLW who are the same age haven't yet gone broody. I just found that kinda interesting.


2 Re: New Chicks! on Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:38 pm


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Congratulations! It's amazing what a broody can do (and get away with) that we couldn't get away with if we were trying to hatch in an incubator. My Japanese bantam hen got shut outside two different nights during her setting and still came off with 5 chicks. Enjoy your babies!!Very Happy 

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