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First Impressions

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1 First Impressions on Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:51 am


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So often I have heard people say, "Oh, I always trust my first impression, and I am never wrong!" I always think to myself, what a harsh and unforgiving way to live your life! So many factors go into meeting someone that often a first impression is clouded by your own experiences and events of the time as well as the effects others are having on your life as well. Often a first impression is an impression biased by your own mood, your emotional sensitivity at the time, and other factors.

I have even heard people make the same judgement in retrospect. "Oh, I always knew he was trouble,". Or even focusing on the one instance they were right: "Remember what I said about her when I met her?"

I imagine these first impression people struggle even more on the Internet. So much communication, so little personal interaction. How could you possibly evaluate a person from a first or even a tenth impression when all you have had were the written word and none of the nuances that come from meeting someone in person. Even with the emoticons! : I love you

After living in the same area most of my life I moved out to this small rural community and have experienced a lot of exclusion probably based on not even first impressions but a lack of knowledge about myself. However, the small number of people who have opened their arms and hearts to me, I count as closer friends that the many superficial relationships I had in the city.

2 Re: First Impressions on Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:29 am


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How very true, and well said. We do this consistently throughout our lives with people and animals. We interpret their actions with our own thoughts and emotions like we've plugged a quarter into the amazing zandar at the fair and are going to trust the first thing that comes out. What makes us so special that we think we are able to judge someones personality on a first time meeting? Maybe they woke up in a foul mood that day and don't even feel like being sociable. Maybe the dog they had for the past fifteen years just got hit by a car, and they're feeling a bit depressed. Maybe their significant other just left them and they just finished reading the divorce papers and they feel like choking the living shit out of someone.

Its actions like these that lead people to be chauvenistic, judgemental, and many more narrow minded ways of thinking.

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Very Well said Sue and Hillbilly

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