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Are you going to the Innisfail Auction? What are you taking?

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I was wondering if anybody is going to the auction in Innisfail next weekend. I know a lot of people do not like auctions and I can understand why. However, being way up North like I am it is my one chance to get rid of my surplus birds. I take the time to make sure I have good boxes, and I check my birds several times a day while they are there to make sure they have food and water. Due to the distance and travel time, Innisfail, and the poultry show in November at Red Deer are the only two events I usually get out too.

I will be leaving Thursday evening and travelling down Highway 43, to Highway 16, then taking the Devon Bypass, and then down Highway 2 to Innisfail.. If you are interested in any of the birds I am talking we could arrange to meet on the way down.

One pair of Golden Sebrights, 9-10 week old, from my show stock, $40

One trio of Golden Sebrights, 9-10 week old, from my show stock, $60

One pair of Chamois x Silver Sebrights, 2011 hatch $30

Three quads (3H, 1M) of 2012 hatch Mexican Speckled Bobwhites, $30 a quad

Five Quads (3H, 1M)of 2011 hatch Coturnix Quail, 4 different colours in each box, $20 a quad

Four 2012 Ringneck pheasant hens, $15 each

Five boxes of Button Quail, 3 hens & 2 males, 5 different colours in each box, $30 a box.

Several misc. Cornish chicks from my Silver Cornish project, odd colours, (buff, white laced red, off white), 8 to 10 weeks old. $6 each.

Eight easter egger pullets, all colours, from very blue eggs I brought back from BC, 8-10 weeks old, $8 each.

Four black australorps Pullets from eggs from BC, 8-10 week old, $8 each.

I am looking for Exchequer Leghorns, Golden Laced Polish, Silver Laced Polish, and White Rosecomb bantams,


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