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Some rabbit facts, personally number 15 is a great fact;)

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Thanks Piet, now I am happy in my bubble of cuteness.

SharpTongueSue, you are correct, there is nothing natural about raising domestic animals. However it is possible, and I think our obligation, to take every step available to ensure our anuimals are not suffering miserable lives that obliterate every one of their natural instincts, because we have chosen to keep them inhumanely.

I know you are just being your s#it disturbing self, Cool because I know you agree that inhumane is inhumane. Period. But often what we do for our own convenience short changes the animal. Keeping animals the way they are happiest is usually a stink load of work and trouble and not very convenient. Thus battery caged hens.

But I am happy that Piet's bunnies get to hop the shop and tractor around. I will return to my happy place now.

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