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Ridley Bronze Poults for sale (Camrose)

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1 Ridley Bronze Poults for sale (Camrose) on Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:16 am


I have some Ridley Bronze (cross?) turkey poults for sale.

I say 'cross' because some are pure, some aren't but you can't tell they aren't (& I didn't band them)... Here's the story on these poults...
Once upon a time, a girl named do-over Sue bought a trio of Ridley bronze turkeys. All were hatched from eggs from a prominent RB breeder & looked as RB's shud look. But as Sue started hatching eggs from the 2 hens, she got a white one (ok apparently all turkey breeds can do a throwback to white), but then she got a silver, a couple that were grey bodied with reddish/gold heads, a couple more whites... So Sue is guessing that the one hen isn't pure! Thus the babies aren't pure - unless she's got a really rare strain of Ridleys!!!

So, for next year Sue will put the two very different colored/patterned eggs in different trays in the hatcher & will leg band the one group - but for this year.... She's hooped!!!

As Sue had planned on keeping most of these poults for future breeding stock (I will keep a couple favorites) she became overly attached to them (Bad Sue!!!) and would rather sell them - then have to butcher them herself!!! Plus as Sue is 'only one' in household - with the number of babies here she could eat turkey 365!

If you are looking for pure breeding stock - these aren't for you as I can't tell which are from the pure hen, and which (regular colored ones) are from the likely crossed hen.  If you want a nice heritage table bird, a pet(s), or you aren't hung up on 'purebred' ie. you want great natured birds to breed for table & not show - then these are for you!

So there are 10+ hatched May 1-15 & 10 hatched start of June no guarentee to purity.
1 for $30, 2 for $55, 3 for $75. They have all been started in house, gotten lots of attention & handling, are fed yogurt & spinach for treats (plus all the usual dandelions etc).
Plus have a hen brooding now - so will have some younger poults available soon (I hope), she has both 'looks' of egg under her too.

Please email if interested - laptop crashed so just have phone to do this on! Thanks!
Oh, can deliver to Red Deer or Edmonton within week, & Calgary first few days of August

2 Re: Ridley Bronze Poults for sale (Camrose) on Wed Jul 25, 2012 5:24 pm


All SOLD!!!
Thanks everyone!

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