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thinking about showing my Partridge Chantecler

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1 thinking about showing my Partridge Chantecler on Tue May 29, 2012 11:05 pm


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I have 6 hens and a Roo and I am considering taking them to our local Fall Fair. My problem is that I have no idea what makes a good Chantecler and what doesn't. I am going to try to post pics. I did find a Breed book online but it is over $60 and I just need the info about this specific breed. Doesn't really matter if the Roo is good or not as I only have him but I would have to pick a hen or two and I would want to take the best I have. Just have to figure out what that looks like! Any advice would be fantastic. I will try to get better pics this weekend.

Thanks in advance


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Hobbyfarmer, that is wonderful that you are going to show the birds, yes, for surely though, do a little homework like you are doing. I wonder if you went online and looked for the book the Standard of Perfection if you could read about the breed, especially disqualifications. That would help you in that, if your bird had something disqualifying, you wouldn't be wasting your time. Doesn't matter otherwise, showing is fun and most enlightening and well, just fun. If you don't have any disqualifying features on your birds, take them anyways. I brought a black cochin to the National show last fall. If I had done my homework, I would have read that a black cochin MUST have yellow soles to the feet, males yellow shanks, females' shanks can be willow, but preferably yellow. My black cochin had grey legs. She was disqualified. Since that time, I own the book aforementioned and will always check my birds for disqualifying traits before I bring them along. Just a little information about showing. Don't know much, but know a little, enough to be dangerous, smiling that big smile. Where is Cherry Creek? Have a wonderful day, CynthiaM.


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Look up Chanteclersfanciersinternational.org. Im pretty sure they have a posted spec. of Chantecler Standard you can read on and see the pics.
Best of Luck with the breed and showing, it is very fun!


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