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Not an Uno horse story

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1 Not an Uno horse story on Tue May 22, 2012 9:30 pm


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I thought I had better pipe in here as Uno and her marvelous stories seem to be taking over the horse section.

Every May long weekend, many friends of mine head up this way from Victoria to go camping. Where they go is about 10 miles down serious 4X4 trails into the wilderness.
Every year I hop on my quad and go visit them.
Its good fun every year. This is, and always has been, my kind of lifestyle.

So Friday morning, I bring the quad around the front of the house, load up with extra clothes, food, beer etc. All the things I will need for a daylong redneck visit in the boonies.

The dog is now getting antsie. He LOVES the quad.
This year I also bought a helmet after terrifying my wife for years. Actually, I bought it the day before, in preparation for this event.

Gear packed, helmet on, dog ready, off I go.....until the quad wont start.
CDI, coil, or stator. At this point I can't begin to test these lovely Polaris parts.

I invent several new colorful words as I begin to unpack the quad. Disappointed in my missed yearly adventure.

Saturday morning, I decide I'm going anyway. On four legs instead. So I load up Cochise for our 10 mile trek down the same rough terrain.

3 hours later I arrive, much to my city friends' delight. Its an annual event we all look forward to, bit they're surprised to see me arrive on horseback.

Stories get told, and we all laugh that we wont have to worry about my blood alcohol content being too high for the horse.

About 6pm I hear someone say; "there goes your horse"!

Sure enough, there he goes galloping around tents and Jeeps.
I bolt, and try my vain attempt at catching my horse that has decided he has had enough of camping, and is heading for home. No go. He had broken one line in his stubborn crankiness and was hell bent on getting his dinner.

I get back to camp, and request a Jeep and a driver. Cochise has about 8 intersections to navigate to get to his destination.

4 of us pile into a Jeep, two of us standing in the back as we bounce our way up the deep glacier cut river valley. Its slow going for us, 1st gear all the way up the hill to the next road.

At the top, I get out and check for tracks. He's gone the right way, so now we can pick up some speed as well.

3 more intersections and because Cochise is going like hell, I can clearly see his high speed turns in the dirt ahead of us.

Around a corner, we catch a glimpse of his ass. He's gone over 5 miles now. He's more than halfway home.

With the road hardly as wide as the Jeep and tree branches bouncing off our heads, we keep our deathgrips on the roll cage yelling faster!

We catch up to him as he slows to a trot. I jump out of the Jeep to try and catch him. No sir, he bolts again.

I jump back in the Jeep and off we go again.

I tell my city slickin driver that the road widens slightly ahead, and if he can get past the horse, to cut in front of him.

The road widens and he pins it. Alongside Cochise, the passenger asks me if he should grab him. There's a couple feet of rope still attached to his halter.
I waste no time in telling him not to ask, just DO!

Sure enough, he grabs a hold of him and we come to a stop.
Cochise is a sweatball from galloping his way for over 5 miles.

We all have a good laugh, and I carry on home, a bit earlier than planned, but with legs under my own, chuckling to myself the rest of the trip home.

Where's a film crew when you need one?

2 Re: Not an Uno horse story on Tue May 22, 2012 9:34 pm

Hidden River

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Sounds like quite the adventure hillbilly. My kind of camping.

Raising Heritage Chickens, Guinea Fowl, Waterfowl, Katahdin Sheep, Angus and Jersey Cattle. Mother of 2 wonderful girls and wife to a very understanding Husband.
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3 Re: Not an Uno horse story on Tue May 22, 2012 9:37 pm


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Oh. My. Gawd!

I am laughing except it's not funny. Well, it is, but it isn't. I can laugh because it ended well. It isn't funny because this was a high risk situation that could have had a very bad outcome.

Are you and Cochise speaking yet? The theme song from Bonanza keeps playing over and over in my head! Glad this ended well for you both. This is hilarious and scary as heck! Thanks for piping up Hillbilly...did you wear your new helmet for this adventure?

4 Re: Not an Uno horse story on Tue May 22, 2012 9:41 pm


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Considering the thickness of my head, I left the helmet on the quad.

5 Re: Not an Uno horse story on Wed May 23, 2012 7:41 am


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LOL My hubby and our three oldest had a similar experience last year. Except the horses made it home and scared the living daylights out of me as one arrived with his bridle, and saddle still on. About 15 min after the horses got home I got a text message from hubby that everyone was okay and the horses were on their way home. They had 2 horses left and 4 people and all the pack equipment at the camp. So hubby brought the youngest home on the horses they had left which was quite interesting also as he had never ridden the mare that was left there. The horses which came home were 2 of the kids horses and the pack horse. The one with the saddle and bridle had not been ridden at all that year other than for about 20 min before they left for the ride, and he can be a bit of a handful somedays. The two oldest boys told the story of hearing rustling in the leaves and remembered hearing me tell the story of my first bear hunting trip and got worried about bears, only to see a tiny little mouse! All in all everyone got home safe, my horse (the pack mare) came home with a puncture wound on her bum everyone else was good. The horse with saddle and bridle came home minus the saddle pad, 2 pairs of ski pants, my camera, and some snacks. We never were able to find this stuff!

Glad your experience ended well for everyone!!


6 Re: Not an Uno horse story on Wed May 23, 2012 8:19 am


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ah, stories, you too have taken me by your side as I enjoyed every minute of your get-together, and listened with great intent Cool . What a silly horse eh? He probably thought that he just didn't want to be there, no horses, all alone, why would he want to stay, smiling. What a trek though to catch him and what a huge distance for him to travel at a gallop (I'm sure he fooled ya and loped part of the way, or maybe even trotted). Glad it all worked out well, he wasn't hurt and actually knew his way home, horses are amazingly smart. Had he ever been down those particular roads before to know his way home, I would be interested to hear this, if not, wonder how Cochise figured it out, weird, but so interesting. How was the weather that day, warm, cold, rainy, etc? Love stories, oh did I already mention that. Smoky sounds like you guys too have a blast, oh wilderness, I could never be a city girl!! Have that beautiful day, CynthiaM.

7 Re: Not an Uno horse story on Wed May 23, 2012 8:59 am


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It was a nice sunny day. About 20 degrees. He and I haven't been out that way before. We've been about 5 minutes from where he made it before we caught him. I know once he got to that point, home would have been an easy task for him.

Had that happen with any of our other horses, Im not so certain it would have gone as well.

He even got himself under an active logging sign on a rope across the road at one point. I tjoughht he may have been standing there, but he wasn't giving up that easy.

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