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Page with Equipment Instruction Manuals (e.g., hova-bator, cabinet style incubators)

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Has the following information:

0248 Trimming Instructions
Instructions for trimming No. 0248 extra large egg racks for GQF setting trays.

1200 Series Cabinet Model
Instruction manual for 1200 series cabinet model incubators. This includes models 1202,1250, 1266, 1270 and 220 Volt models 1222 and 1254. Operators using wafer thermostats in a cabinet model incubator should refer to this manual.

1202 Wiring Diagram
Wiring diagram for the 1202 cabinet model incubator. Can also be used for reference with 802, 1250, 1266 and other cabinet model incubators.

1250R Reptile Incubator Instructions
Instruction manual for model 1250R. For general cabinet model information please see cabinet model instrucitons.

1588 Pre-Set Hova-Bator Instructions
Manual for the No. 1588 Pre-set Electronic Thermostat Hova-Bator. 12 Volt model.

1590 Pre-Set Hova-Bator
Manual for the No. 1590 Pre-Set Electronic Thermostat Hova-Bator. 110 Volt model.

2364 Turbofan Kit Instructions
Instruction sheet for the 2364 Turbofan Kit

Automatic Turner for Hova-Bator
Instruction sheet for all GQF Hova-Bator automatic turners.

Brooder Assembly Instructions
Assembly instructions for current GQF box type brooder, model No. 0534.

Cabinet Model Instructions
Instruction manual for cabinet model incubators including 1502, 1527, 1536, 1550, & 1570 models and 220 Volt equals.

Cabinet Model Instructions - PRE-SET THERMOSTAT
Instruction manual for cabinet model incubators equipped with the pre-set electronic thermostat.

Cabinet Model thermostat wiring instructions
Instruction sheet for installing No. 3255 & No. 3256 Electronic thermostats in GQF Cabinet model incubators. Includes operation instructions for No. 3256 Pre-Set Electronic thermostat. Also see cabinet model instructions in multi-turn and pre-set.

Cabinet Model Turner Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram for the cabinet model auto turner, item 3021. Applies to GQF incubators only, and should not be used in custom applications.

Instruction sheet for the Chick-Bator incubator.

Circulated Hova-Bator Manual
Instruction sheet for Circulated Air Hova-Bator incubators such as the models No. 2362N and 1583.

Cup Watering System Instructions
Instructions for mounting and operating the No. 4085 Drink Cups.

Horizontal Rotational Incubator Instruction sheet
This is the suplemental information included with all Horizontal Rotational Cabinet Incubators. These instructions should be used in conjuntion with the Cabinet Model Incubator instructions.

Humidity Pan for Cabinet Incubators
Instruction manual for the No. 4500 moisture pan supplied with cabinet model incubators and No. 3030 automatic humidity systems.

No. 3018 Hygrometer/Thermometer
Instruction sheet for the No. 3018 Hygrometer/Thermometer.

No. 9046 Cool-Lite Egg Tester Instructions
Instruction sheet for the No. 9046 egg candler.

Thermal Air Hova-Bator Instructions
Instruction manual for Thermal air Hova-Bators including models No. 1602N and 1582N.

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