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poplar girl

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I can now say I have bathed, clipped toe nails and clipped beaks on 4 birds cheers

I have thought of a few questions related to the upcoming show at Red Deer.

1. Will feed be provided. If so what type of feed are the birds given and is there any option to provide your birds with their own feed or give them extra treats?

2. I assume bedding is provided for birds in the show cages? Does someone also keep the bedding in the cages clean? What happens if the birds get dirty once in the show cages, is there any opportunity to clean their feet etc.?

3. For chickens there is no requirement for banding them, correct?

I will probably come up with more questions but I think that's it for now. If others have their own questions please feel free to add them!

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1. Feed and water is provided and we have volunteers whose job is just to do that. They will be putting out Scratch or Wheat (I dont remember which) for the poultry. You are free to bring your own feed and treats. Just remove the treats for the time that the judge is in your bird's aisle.

2. Bedding is shavings. It is supplied. There will be some extra there and garbage bins if you wish to "scoop the poop" in your birds pens. You can tidy birds at any time EXEPT while the judge is judging the birds in your aisle.

3. Banding is NOT required for chickens or other poultry. It is required for Homing Pigeons. I am not sure about the other pigeon breds.

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It is always a good idea to come prepare to any show.
I always bring extra feed and try to bring some shavings along.

This show everything is provided but you never want to be caught at a show that runs out of feed.

Also it is a very good idea to add some new shavings to your birds cages if needed (expecially waterfowl). Nothing looks worse than a bird in a dirty cage.

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