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Large fowl, cochin, north Okanagan, B.C.

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1 Large fowl, cochin, north Okanagan, B.C. on Wed Apr 01, 2015 8:11 am


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Time for the chooks to begin to help to pay for their keep, smiling....

North Okanagan of B.C. (1.5 hours north of Kelowna and east of Kamloops).  Large fowl cochin fertile hatching eggs available.  100% fertility and embryo liveability tested.  $40 dozen, 2 extras included free for good faith and shipped by Greyhound, collect or postal system, but prefer Greyhound.  Blue rooster covering black and blue hens will hatch a possible ratio of 50% blue, 25% black and 25% splash chicks.  Cochins are an Asiatic class of chicken.  Large, full bodies, with heavy feathers of a soft, loose and fluffy nature, with feathered shanks and feet.  Good layers of a medium sized brown egg and also a good carcass weight for the table fowl.  Also known as a breed that is excellent for mothering desire.  Docile temperament of both male and female, this particular breed takes well to confinement or free ranging.  Excellent health and genetic diversity of parent stock that are raised with lots of TLC on a well managed farm.  Please take all correspondence to be on the waiting list for eggs to email format.

I began to raise the cochin breed of chicken in 2009.  The originating stock came from McMurray’s Hatchery in the U.S.  I had 16 chicks that I raised to the age where I could pick the best of the group.  I chose a quad (1 male, 3 female).  I still have 3 of those gals that are in their 6th year of life and still laying their hearts out and are good broodies.  I have brought in different lines three times over the years, one female, Mazur line and two unrelated black males.  One black male came from Alberta, lineage I can’t remember and one black male came from a known breeder, Mazur line, in the Okanagan.  I have been working with the breed for size and type, true to what this massive breed should look like.  I am attaining some very nice birds.  My birds are very healthy, lay proper amounts of medium sized light brown to brown eggs for the breed, have kind and docile temperaments, including roosters, have nice appearance and are looking very much cochin type.  A breeder must never think they have their achievements with their birds perfect, and I still have lots of work to do yet with the breed.   One of the original hens had taken an award at a poultry show for champion of class, she is very, very nice.  I will not guarantee exhibition quality cochins from any stock leaving my farm, but there is a possibility.  I keep on females that are the best each year of the groups raised, and have been also selecting the biggest and best males of my breedings.  This has been a long process and many years more work to do.  But I am serious about nice birds, true to what the standard should be.

This picture depicts the three colours, blue, black and splash.  The light grey is splash.  This is an older picture, and shows a bit of the autosomal red leakage in the hackles of the rooster.  That has been worked on over the years to rid in my flock and I believe it should  not be showing up again.  Just some work I have been doing, along with other improvements.

One of the six year old hens, my best friend, smiling

The black hen is a three year old Mazur line gal, the blue girl on left is a 2013 breeding offspring

Not the current blue rooster being used, an old picture of one of the original fellows, just to show what a blue rooster looks like

2 Re: Large fowl, cochin, north Okanagan, B.C. on Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:38 am


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great to hear cynthia! now these would be eggs worth investing in...we know how beautiful and healthy your flock is


3 Re: Large fowl, cochin, north Okanagan, B.C. on Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:39 am


your birds are amazing!!!( aka crestedbird)

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