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Mixed Dairy bottle bucklings

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1 Mixed Dairy bottle bucklings on Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:39 am


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I am considering offering up some bottle bucklings for sale. We have 4 does due to kid this month and are hoping for multiples. We are notoriously unlucky as, despite 3 different bucks, there's been all boys born here over the 3 years (SUPER pretty boys, but... boys). If there are multiples, I will pull bucklings by choice, but always leave a kid on the dam (ie twin bucklings I'll pull one).

Bottle babies can leave after about 2 weeks to assure health and a good start. They will NOT be raised on pasteurized milk or Colostrum! I do not disbud (chance for polled kids from 2 does). Will band upon request when they leave here, though I prefer to band at 8 weeks -- you buy, your choice.

Asking between 100-150 depending on the animal, we haven't decided yet.

2 does are Oberhasli, 2 does are Nubian/Saanen/Alpine crosses. All are bred Saanen.

If you're interested at all, PM me your info and I'll make up a list to send pictures and prices to as they hit the ground.

Tootsie (Great production, 3/4 gallon as a FF and we don't supplement with anything but oats, so milk production is grass based this goes for all does):

Last year's single buckling as a FF, bred to a Nubian buck, Odin (naturally polled):

Gretel (incredible udder attachment but not a huge producer, about 1/2 gallon once daily at peak as FF):

Last year's single (MASSIVE) buckling as a FF, -probably- Saanen sire, maybe Spanish sire, Henry:

Flora (AMAZING udder attachment. I got her a week and a half after delivering a stillborn as a FF, had not been milked at all had mastitis. She was trained to stand without feed and no kicking in 2.5 days and would produce over a gallon when milked every 3 days (didn't fill up fast, I think because of being left without being milked)).

Gladys (First freshening this year as a 3 year old and udder is coming in BEAUTIFULLY like her herdmate Flora. This goat is MASSIVE and is about 260lbs when she's not pregnant, just a gorgeous goat! Walks with a bit of a limp due to a leg injury prior to me getting her, resulting in overgrown and angled hooves, compounding the problem. Her hooves are still being worked on to correct the walk and she is waaay better now with those hooves being reshaped. VERY EXCITED for this girl's delivery.

Sven. Poorly disbudded, but an amazing, friendly, lovely goat.

Happy to answer questions. Will consider placing bucklings in homes earlier that are experienced and who plan to disbud (as it probably should be done before 2 weeks).


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