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1 EGGS EGGS EGGS!!! on Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:45 pm


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Woohoo!!! Our Greenfire babies are laying at 18 & 19 weeks of age! Check out the eggs.. on the left is an Alsterier egg (it's huge! marans egg from a mature hen for comparison), wheaten marans egg in the middle, and cream legbar pullet egg on the right!!! So pleased with the productivity so far. The legbars just started laying, but the Alsteriers have been laying daily since the day they started!

Also.... pictured are some processed culls from the imports, processed at 18 weeks. The photo with 2 birds are the smallest of the Marsh Daisies. They are small carcasses similar in size to a cornish game hen, very round and well muscled and about 1.5-2 lbs, perfect for 1-2 person meal. They are very thrifty and practically live off air so very efficient to feed. The photo with 3 birds are L-R the Sulmtaler, Alsterier and Bielefelder. They are about 3-4.5 lbs and nicely muscled as well! The Sulmtaler are supposed to be #2 in the world for flavour, we are excited to cook all 4 breeds at the same time and "sample" them all!

The bottom three birds are Alsteriers. Top lady is a Swedish Flower.

Beautiful Cream Legbar pullet with nice, properly coloured gold-free hackles

Sulmtaler, Alsterier, Bielefelder

Marsh Daisy


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