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How much to hens love their chicks?

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1 How much to hens love their chicks? on Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:43 pm


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I am a softy when it comes to seeing animals with their babies. I love how well they look after them with out anyone having taught or told them how.

I have a hen who sat all through the heat of August on 14 eggs. Before I found her setting place she endured daily torture from my peacock who seems to think no one should sit on eggs but his mate. Out of all her eggs one hatched and she dotes on the little guy.

Now, if you look in the Chickens Wanted area you will see I am looking for a chick. And can find out why there ( that is my post plug Wink) Actually I need a friend for another chick who is alone. If I can't find one I am considering taking the chick from the hen and putting it with my lone chick.

I am concerned that I will break her heart if I take her baby. Will it? I know it's silly because chickens probably don't feel for their young like people but I am not totally convinced.

I am torn...

2 Re: How much to hens love their chicks? on Sat Sep 06, 2014 1:09 pm

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Our chicks were hatched in the incubator, a staggered hatch over several days and once dry put under the broodie hens. Can you put your lone chick in with the hen and chick?  Our hens trade chicks constantly.  It is so cute to watch them.  When the hen clucks to warn of danger or show the babies something she has found (worms, bugs etc)  the chicks all run to their proper Momma.  They are about 4 weeks old now and are just as comfortable to snuggle up with any of the hens.  I have heard that it does not always work and the hens can be very nasty. I think she would miss her baby. Our hens keep track and when locked in the coop at night the girls do a head count and if one of the chicks is missing Mom worries. We have been really lucky.

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