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Exotic Bird & Animal Auction - OLDS ALBERTA - OCT 10 & 11

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Ty's Exotics
Bird & Small Animal
Swap Auction

October 10 & 11, 2014

Olds Cow Palace 5116-54 St Olds, Alberta


October 10
Begin accepting consignments, no pre-registration required, first come first served.
"Swap" begins as animals are consigned.
*Need to know how a "swap auction" works - see below.

October 11
Ring 1 (10:00am)
Swap is now over.
All remaining items are now auctioned off.
Ducks, Chickens, Geese, Turkeys, Peafowl, Pheasants, Rabbits, Taxidermy Etc.

October 11
Ring 2 (11:00am)
Nursery Auction
No nursery animals are offered in the swap; they are only available via auction.
Finches, Parrots, Reptiles, Softbills, Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, Hookbills, Arachnids, Monkeys, Kangaroos, Exotic Waterfowl & other specialty animals.

A "swap auction" combines a swap meet and an auction into one event. Consignors enter their birds into the sale on Friday, in boxes, just like an auction. At the time of consigning their boxes will be numbered accordingly for the auction. There is no pre registration required, first come first served. At the time of consignment, the seller will write a price on the box that they would accept before they are auctioned off. If a buyer is satisfied with this price, they can tell Ty's staff, and the item will be moved to the sold area, the item will be marked sold and moved to your buyers number. This will limit the need to auction so many boxes on saturday.
Regular commission rates apply to items sold via the swap and the auction. The seller can not change the price on the box, once they have picked a price at the check-in point. Anyone caught selling and/or buying items in the parking lot to avoid commission charges, will loose privileges to attend the auction.

Further explanation for buyers and sellers:
To attend the auction as a seller: You must arrive on friday with all of your animals in suitable crates, including food, water and bedding. Pre consignment is not necessary, so it is recommended that you arrive early. When you are entering your lots into the sale, they will be numbered in the order that you have arrived. At this time you will also put a "buy it now" price on the box. If a buyers is satisfied with that price, your box will be removed from the auction, and moved to the sold area. You do not need to stand around to take money, as all items are still charged through the auction, using the buyers bidding card. You are still charged regular auction comission charges; $5 or 20%.

This will reduce the length of the auction on saturday, and give the sellers a change to receive a price that they are satisfied with! This also gives buyers the opportunity to buy those items that they really want, without waiting for the auction.

To attend the auction as a buyer: If you are coming with the intentions of purchasing several animals, and want the best opportunity, you will need to arrive on friday to watch items be entered - as some will sell fast! If your not too worried, you can arrive anytime on friday or saturday when the auction is happening.
If you are coming to buy reptiles, parrots, finches, hedgehogs, monkeys, kangaroos, exotic waterfowl, etc. No need to rush! They are not offered in the "Swap" part. They will only be auctioned off, on Saturday at 11:00am.

Sellers - even though pre consignment is not necessary, please send me a list if possible so I can advertise on the facebook page!



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What's been listed so far?

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