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Packing my bag for Kamloops: May 29-30

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1 Packing my bag for Kamloops: May 29-30 on Mon May 26, 2014 9:45 pm

heda gobbler

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Golden Member

Finally have confirmation that the sheep shearer is coming June 2 or 3 so can commit to my trip to Kamloops: May 29 back home May 30.

Delivering weaned piglets, Highland heifer and steer, White Chantecler rooster and Buckeye chicks.

I could also bring a few Blue Slate poults, $20 each

Full grown Small White Beltsville Toms, $25 each

full grown Buckeye and White Chantecler roosters $25 each

White Chantecler pullets and cockerels, just off heat (I think I can tell the difference now) $20 each

I could take birds or rabbits etc from Williams Lake-Hundred Mile - Barriere- to Kamloops or back that same route, but no room in trailer for anything larger. And pick up and delivery must be on the Highway or some place equally handy.


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