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SOLD - 2 gotland ewes (bred) and unrelated ram

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I have a gotland Ram (62%) and two ewes (67 and 62 percent gotland).

Blue-faced Leicester in their backgrounds also. These are recorded grade with the AMerican Gotland Society - there are no purebred Gotlands in North America

The fleece is fine, long, lustrous and dense and can be all shades of grey from silver to charcoal grey and dark enough to be almost black. They have a clearly defined even curl (purl) and staple that is soft to the touch. Their disposition is docile and friendly. The fleece is typically 29 to 34 micrometres in diameter. Lambswool can be in the low to mid 20s micrometre range. The fleece is prized in the United States by hand-spinners and in Europe they are most desired for their pelts.

Update as of March 14, 2015
Trio of sheep is $575.00  I paid $1050 for them as lambs.

Friday April 3rd we are headed to Innisfail/Ponoka  and could deliver or meet along the way from Banff, Cochrane, Olds etc.
March 20th headed to Williams Lake and could deliver anywhere along the route from Radium/Golden/Revelstoke/kamloops areas....

Email and let me know!!

This is the ewe lamb from this year (sold)

Gunnar - dad

Mika with babies this year

Close up of fibre (dirty, but it is lovely and lustrous and wavey)

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