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When travailing with large numbers of chicks.... A must have list

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call ducks

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So after the last 72 hours here is a list of things that are must have when travailing with over a thousand chicks...

1. Headache relevant ( T3's recommended.... They (chicks) make a lot of noise)
2. Layers - As you crank the heat you well be striping down I suggest many layers so you can peel one off as needed (like an onion of course)
3. Nose plug - Because things can get smelly
4. A beverage with lots of caffeine - Don't ask just trust me your gonna need it!
5. No life - Yup you need to not have a life for at least 48 hours.

These are things I have learned after a whirlwind trip to NB to pick up (chicks 1000+), and back...

Echo 1

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Important information! Thanks.

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